The Selection of the Grammatical Case and the Implication in the Prepositional Phrases Introduced by Old English In, Innan, and Into
古英語In, InnanおよびIntoに導かれる前置詞句における格の選択と含意について

Masaya Takuma
Journal of Yamanashi Eiwa Junior College  
The Old English prepositions in, innan, and into govern both the accusative and the dative, The present study investigates to what extent the following distinction can be observed in the pharses introduced by the above-mentioned prepositions: they govern the accusative when 'destination' is impliecl, and the dative when 'position' is implied. It has been revealed that this dictinction is consistent considerably in the phrases introduced by in. And it is possible to observe the correspondence
more » ... ween the selection of the accusative and the implication of 'destination' clearly in the phrases introduced by innan, but it is impossible to see, by lack of examples, the occurrence of the dative when the innan-phrase implies 'position.' As for intophrases, they imply 'clestination' in all the examples available regardless of the selection of the case.
doi:10.24628/yeiwatandai.28.0_158 fatcat:dl3tg2nglvcl7j5h46fmh2hwyq