New coordinates for a simpler canonical derivation of the Hawking effect

Golam Mortuza Hossain, Chiranjeeb Singha
2020 European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields  
In order to achieve a Hamiltonian-based canonical derivation of the Hawking effect, one usually faces multiple hurdles. Firstly, the spacetime foliation using Schwarzschild time does not lead to hyper-surfaces which are always spacelike. Secondly, the null coordinates which are frequently used in covariant approach, do not lead to a true matter Hamiltonian. Recently, an exact canonical derivation was presented using the so-called near-null coordinates. However, there too one faces the
more » ... faces the difficulty of having to deal with non-vanishing matter diffeomorphism generator as the spatial decomposition involves a non-zero shift vector. Here we introduce a new set of coordinates which allows one to perform an exact canonical derivation of Hawking effect without having to deal with matter diffeomorphism generator. Eur. Phys. J. C (2020) 80:82
doi:10.1140/epjc/s10052-020-7660-0 fatcat:6edoi4ogszbcpb2z2hsmvhrk4e