Shaking Table Test and Numerical Verification for Free Ground Seismic Response of Saturated Soft Soil

Xuelei Cheng, Chunyi Cui, Zongguang Sun, Jinhong Xia, Guangbing Wang
2018 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
This paper investigates shaking table test (1g) and numerical simulation (fully coupled) of vertically propagating shear waves for saturated soft free field. A large-scale shaking table model test was performed to study seismic response characteristics of saturated soft soil free field. According to test results of seismic response features of free field system in saturated soft soil, the free field nonlinearity fully coupled numerical model of dynamical effective stress of saturated soft soil
more » ... as established using OpenSEES, based on the u-p formulations of dynamic consolidation equation as well as effective stress solution method for saturated two-phase media. The numerical simulation of the free field seismic response of saturated soft soil under various test conditions was performed and the calculated results were compared with the shaking table test results. The results show the following. (1) With the increase of input ground motion intensity, the characteristic frequency of the saturated soft free ground decreases and the damping ratio increases gradually. (2) The saturated soft soil ground has short period filtering and long period amplification effect on the horizontal input seismic loads. The failure foundation takes on the isolation and shock absorption under strong ground motions. (3) The peak pore pressure ratio of the saturated soft soil ground is located in the shallow buried soil layer, and with the increase of the input ground motion intensity, the advantage of dynamic pore pressure ratio in this area is gradually weakened. (4) The numerical simulation results are consistent with the results of the shaking table test. This fully coupled effective stress numerical method can reasonably simulate the seismic response characteristics of free field in saturated soft soil, which lay the foundation for other more complex parameter extrapolation models of saturated soft soil sites. This research can provide the necessary technical experience for experimental study on non-free field.
doi:10.1155/2018/3416315 fatcat:yh5uzdplufh25bpt3gc7o3twde