Integration of low-frequency sleep oscillations in corticothalamic networks

F Amzica, M Steriade
2000 Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis  
The corticothalamic system acts as a complex network in promoting the various oscillatory patterns (slow oscillation, spindles, delta) that characterize the state of quiet sleep. Local synchronizing mechanisms of any of the above-mentioned oscillations occur at the site of their genesis, thalamic or cortical. These mechanisms are assisted by the wide-range, synchronized occurrence of the cortical slow oscillation, which finally produces the coalesced picture of slow-wave sleep EEG. Multisite,
more » ... p EEG. Multisite, simultaneous intracellular and field potential recordings in cat, as well as EEG recordings in human were performed in order to assess the state of synchrony and the propagation of various sleep rhythms in the corticothalamic network.
pmid:10909181 fatcat:pzkpda75nba7hnjz3iksbrh52e