BioExcel-2 Deliverable 2.2 – First release of workflow-ready building blocks library

Adam Hospital, Genís Bayarri, Stian Soiland- Reyes, Josep Lluís Gelpí, Pau Andrio, Daniele Lezzi, Sarah Butcher, Ania Niewielska, Yvonne Westermaier, Rosa Maria Badia
2019 Zenodo  
This deliverable presents the first release of the workflow-ready BioExcel building blocks library for the BioExcel-2 period. The initial roadmap of the novel identified building blocks presented in D2.1 is revised, and a new, updated roadmap for the rest of the project is presented. The current situation section contains a description of the new release of the BioExcel building blocks library, including the content of the release, the new library modules recently developed, updates on the
more » ... dy existing modules, new functionalities and bug fixes, and work done into increasing its visibility and outreach. The initial and updated roadmap section contains a revision of the initial roadmap presented in the D2.1 document in PM6, highlighting the milestones reached and issues found. From that, an updated roadmap for the development of the software library during the next 2 years is proposed, including a large set of new building blocks.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4605207 fatcat:efnlmp3u3rhkhfof7yyn67uk7i