CVD Mortality [unknown]

2016 Health at a Glance: Asia/Pacific 2016   unpublished
ARTICLE INFO abstract Animal and human mineral status and health have been estimated by soil analyses and amounts of fertilizer consumptions. Results are varied depending on species, gender, annual or seasonal period selected and quality of data. This study is treating Finnish age-standardized death rates, aged 15-64 (1/100 000) "(15-64)", from cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and other causes of death (Non-CVD) and their regressions by mineral fertilizer consumption parameters from 1970-2013. The
more » ... from 1970-2013. The data are from old sources. Fertilizer data are used as 3 year mean weighted means (3ymw). Because of the disadvantageous effects of high K/(Ca+Mg) fertilization ratio e.g. on magnesium availability and effects of high total fertilization level on availability of own mineral elements of soil, CVD, Non-CVD and its subgroups have been assessed by combined regression of K/(Ca+Mg), Factor.1, and the sum of fertilizers [CaMgNPK], Factor.2,: [K/(Ca+Mg);CaMgNPK]. Results: (Combined regression by) [K/(Ca+Mg);CaMgNPK] explained highly significantly (p < 0.001) mortality from CVD (91 %), Non-CVD (86 %), Respiratory diseases (81 %), Digestive diseases (81 %), Land traffic accidents (87 %), Suicides (62 %) and Assault (41 %). Regression coefficients of both factors were positive, when coefficient values could be determined significantly. By replacing K with P matches were generally better. Conclusions: Combined regressions by fertilizer ratio K/(Ca+Mg) -as well as P/ (Ca+Mg) -with total fertilization explained significantly CVD and Non-CVD mortality variation during 1971-2012. Abbreviations: 3ymw -3 years mean weighted mean (X.3ymw.i = ¼*[X.(i-1) + 2*X.i + X.(i+1)]; [CaMgNPK] -equivalent sum of Ca, Mg, N, P and K. Beta coefficient -in each single factor before regression all values are subtracted by their mean and divided by standard deviation, i.e. standardized to z-scale); Ca -calcium (or (Eq)); CO3.appr -Liming agents (kg) x 20.37 if Mg-% is 3; (CVD -(mortality from) cardiovascular diseases; Diabetes -(mortality from) Diabetes mellitus; Digest_D -(mortality from) Diseases of the digestive system excl. alcohol-related diseases; Eq -equivalents; FM -human (females + males); fm -mineral fertilization; K -potassium -(or (Eq)); Land traffic accidents -Land_traff._acc; Mg -magnesium (or (Eq)); N-nitrogen (or (Eq)); Non-CVD -difference between total mortality and CVD (i.e. it includes non-disease mortality, too); P -phosphor (or (Eq)); Resp_D -(mortality from) Diseases of the respiratory system; S -Sulfur; StFin -Statistics Finland.
doi:10.1787/health_glance_ap-2016-graph5-en fatcat:gu6r26azw5bjtcva3s2qh2ndla