ECG gating of thallium-201 myocardial images: effect on detection of ischemic heart disease

J H McKillop, H D Fawcett, J E Baumert, I R McDougall, R F DeBusk, D C Harrison, M L Goris
1981 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  
Using the angiographic findings as the standard, we have examined the sensitivity and specificity of ECG-gated static thallium-201 myocardial images in 54 patients undergoing selective coronary arteriography. Gated and nongated images, each in anterior, 45 degrees LAO, and 65 degrees LAO projections, were processed by interpolative background subtraction. They were then analyzed separately by four independent observers who were unaware of patient identity, the results of coronary arteriography,
more » ... and which studies were gated or nongated. No significant differences were observed between the gated and nongated images regarding sensitivity or specificity, the detection rate for reversible myocardial ischemia, the accuracy of prediction of arteriographic extent of disease, or the degree of inter- or intraobserver variability. We conclude that ECG-gated acquisition of T1-201 images does not produce any significant advantages, at least when interpolative background subtraction is used.
pmid:7205364 fatcat:p67hxkjx3be4xab42mqw46mjdy