Physical activity as one of the elements of a comprehensive obesity treatment

Magda Kucharczuk, Hanna Sikorska, Karolina Małgorzata Juraszek, Przemysław Wyżgowski, Krzysztof Leksowski
2020 Journal of Education, Health and Sport  
Obesity is nowadays a disease of civilization contributing to the increase in mortality worldwide, especially in developing and developed countries. There is a need to take action to normalise the weight of as many people as possible, bearing in mind disadvantageous to the health and the life, effects of exaggerated increasing the amount of the fatty tissue. In this connection, the need to shape patterns of pro-healthy behaviour should be particularly emphasised. The implementation of
more » ... tation of appropriate physical activity should be one of the basic elements of a comprehensive obesity treatment. Taking into account a wide range of exercises, it is important to choose the right activity for a given person, taking into account their abilities and performance, as well as indications and contraindications to a specific form of training. A key role in the weight reduction process is played by the determination to continue the recommendations made in a long-term and systematic manner. If attempts of the non-invasive treatment turn out to be ineffective, sick persons with the obesity can be qualified for the bariatric surgery. Implementing the physical activity in the period before and post-operative is bringing the sequence of beneficial changes in the body of the patient. It often improves the well-being of patients as well as results in the faster convalescence and lowering the risk of complications. Both the non-invasive and surgical treatment of obesity should be complemented by the introduction of appropriate physical activity.
doi:10.12775/jehs.2020.10.03.016 fatcat:b3ym6msihjamzplxacghxnhnna