Construction and Application of a Family-specific Primer for the Detection;of Gramineous Raw Materials in Foods

Tomohiro IRISAWA, Haruko NOGUCHI, Yosimasa TSUJII, Masataka UCHINO, Katsumi TAKANO
2014 food preservation science  
We constructed a gramineous plant-specific primer set-matK 7 9 2F1GC and matK 9 7 9R1, targeting the maturase K(matK )gene, for detection of gramineous raw materials in processed food. For this, we used polymerase chain reaction-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (PCR-DGGE) . The primer set was evaluated using agarose gel electrophoresis and DGGE. Our results confirmed that the primer set was specific for gramineous plants. From our analysis, we confirmed that up to 6 types of gramineous
more » ... ants can be simultaneously detected using PCR-DGGE. Results of a model test showed that by using this method, it was possible to detect wheat from a sample, if present more than 0. 1% (w/w) . Thus, our method of PCR-DGGE with matK 7 9 2F1GC and matK 9 7 9R1 can be used to detect the presence of gramineous raw materials in processed food.
doi:10.5891/jafps.40.285 fatcat:em4iheberna5ng2lb6d24hkiri