Korrelation des intraoperativen Pentagastrin-Stimulationstestes und der Kompartiment-orientierten Lymphknotendissektion zur Prädiktion des onkologisch adäquaten Resektionsausmaßes beim medullären Schilddrüsenkarzinom [article]

Mohammed Ibrahim Mahmoud Abuazab, Thomas J. Musholt, Oliver Gimm, K. Lorenz, Martin-Luther Universität, Universitäts- Und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt
Surgical resection of all tumor cells is the only curative therapy for medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC). The extent of lymph node dissection required is, however, controversial. In this study data from 65 patients with primary surgical therapy with MTC were analyzed retrospectively. All patients underwent a total thyroidectomy with bilateral central and lateral lymph node dissection with intraoperative Pentagastrin-stimulation test (IOPST) after dissection of the corresponding compartment.
more » ... ng compartment. Regarding the surgical procedure, the patients were divided into 2 groups; centrifugal (ZF) and centripetal (ZP). In the centrifugal group, the IOPST with a stimulability of 115% presented a negative predictive value of 96% with respect to the presence of tumor-related lymph nodes in situ. The results of IOPST predicted the required extent of lymph node dissection of the lateral compartments in the centrifugal procedure theoretically with adequate reliably.
doi:10.25673/25388 fatcat:raeshbkd2regvong2to2cxegrm