Oral application of SILL questionnaire using the bar for frequency and evaluation of strategy use by Muslim pupils in Thrace

Penelope Kambakis-Vougiouklis, Persephone Mamoukari, Eleni Agathopoulou, Thomaï Alexiou
Twelve Turkish-Greek bilingual learners of English were orally administered a translated version of the SILL questionnaire (Oxford 1990) and had to specify frequency of language learning strategy (LLS) use as well as confidence in the effectiveness of each strategy on a [01] bar instead of the usual Likert scales. Deviations between frequency and confidence in the results indicate that learners either appreciate the effectiveness of a strategy but they do not know how to use it or that they use
more » ... it or that they use a strategy without firmly believing in its usefulness, which suggests the need for pedagogical interventions to raise the learners' awareness of language learning strategies and how to use them. More proficient learners exhibit higher frequency and confidence in reported LLS use than their less proficient peers, while the age of the learners does not seem to affect LLS use.
doi:10.26262/istal.v21i0.5260 fatcat:c44vtvghwfacpiul6dyok37tzi