Modeling and Use of Inter-Criteria Decision Analysis for Selecting Growth Rate Models for Batch Cultivation of Yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus var. lactis MC 5

Mitko Petrov
2021 Fermentation  
Ten unstructured models of Monod, Mink, Tessier, Moser, Aiba, Andrews, Haldane, Luong, Edward, and Han-Levenspiel are considered in this paper to explain the kinetics of cell growth for batch cultivation of the yeast Kluyweromyces marxianus var. lactis MC 5. For the first time, two independent kinetic models are used to model the process for the two basic substrates—lactose and oxygen. The selection of the most appropriate growth rate models has been made through a new multi-criteria
more » ... king approach called the Inter-Criteria Decision Analysis (ICDA) method. The application of ICDA to the growth rate of lactose and oxygen alone has shown that there have been many correlations between the studied models. Thus, the models for the growth rate, depending only on lactose, are reduced to one—Monod model and there are two models—Monod and Mink—depending on oxygen only. Separate kinetic process models have been developed for the combination of Monod–Monod and Monod–Mink models. For the first time, in addition to the multiplicative form, the additive form of a specific growth rate has been studied. The comparison of the obtained results has shown that the additive form has shown better results than the multiplicative one. For this reason, the additive form of the Monod–Monod model will be used to model the process.
doi:10.3390/fermentation7030163 fatcat:eza6qyw2g5fhle2rrow4lccqdq