Mathematical modeling and research of heat and moisture transfer processes in porous media

Normakhmad Ravshanov, Istam Shadmanov, Kurash Kubyashev, Sanjar Khikmatullaev, D. Bazarov
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
A mathematical model, numerical algorithm, solution, and results of the computational experiment on a computer are developed to predict the process of heat and moisture transfer in porous media, taking into account such factors as the internal heat and moisture release of a porous natural product on the example of raw cotton and its products of hulling, seeds of various crops. It also considers the effect of temperature and moisture content changes in the environment on the storage and drying
more » ... torage and drying of porous materials. In this study, the developed mathematical support of the object under research makes it possible to predict the change in temperature and moisture content at arbitrary points of the porous body and serves to prevent the loss of quality and spontaneous combustion of materials under solar radiation and to analyze and make managerial decisions. Based on the method of coordinate-wise splitting, a numerical algorithm for calculating three-dimensional heat and moisture transfer problems in areas of the parallelepiped type is presented. An implicit second-order difference scheme for calculating the required functions is presented. Based on the numerical calculations performed, it was established that moisture and heat transfer and their exchange with the environment occurs in the upper layers of the cotton pile; in the inner layers, there is an increase in temperature and moisture due to the respiration of raw cotton and its seeds, which depends on the degree of moisture of the raw cotton and their products of hulling.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202126401038 fatcat:xwvve6wh2jdzbi4266nsaz7evu