Activity of gypsy moth dorsolateral neurosecretory neurons under increased rearing density

Larisa Ilijin, Milena Vlahovic, Marija Mrdakovic, Jelica Lazarevic, Dragana Matic, Vera Nenadovic, Vesna Peric-Mataruga
2012 Archives of Biological Sciences  
Lymantria dispar caterpillars were reared under two different rearing densities for the first three days of the 4 th larval instar: 5 larvae that were kept in a Petri dish (V = 80 ml) belonged to the intense stress (D 1 group); 5 larvae that were kept in a plastic cup (V = 300ml) belonged to the group exposed to less intense stress (D2 group). In the control group, single larvae were reared in a Petri dish. Morphometric changes in L1, L2 and L2' dorsolateral neurosecretory neurons (nsn) were
more » ... urons (nsn) were analyzed. After keeping 5 larvae in a Petri dish, the size of L2 neurosecretory neurons (nsn) significantly increased. Rearing 5 larvae in a plastic cup significantly increased the size of L1 nsn nuclei and the number of L2'nsn. A decrease in relative band densities in the region of molecular masses (11-15 kD) that correspond to prothoracicotropic hormones in the gypsy moth was observed in the electrophoretic profiles that were obtained after both treatments in comparison to the control group .
doi:10.2298/abs1203085i fatcat:o3n45akajjamnlc4jqkb4wrhii