Climatic Shift of the Equilibrium Line: Kuhn's Concept Applied to the Greenland Ice Cap

Walter Ambach
1985 Annals of Glaciology  
The shift of the equilibrium line in response to climatic disturbances is calculated for the International Glaciological Greenland Expedition (EGIG) profile of the Greenland Ice Cap. Data of heat balance studies carried out during EGIG 1959 and EGIG 1967 are used according to Kuhn's algorithm. The following parameters are applied; the heat transfer coefficient of the sensible heat flux; the effective emissivity of the atmosphere for long wave downward radiation; a factor relating net radiation
more » ... o cloudiness; the duration of the ablation season; the altitudinal temperature gradient; the altitudinal accumulation gradient. The altitudinal shift of the equilibrium line results for the EGIG profile + 77m/°C and -4 m per 1/10 cloudiness with 35d of ablation. Changes in heat balance by formation of superimposed ice are taken into account.
doi:10.1017/s026030550001003x fatcat:mosimt6ahrfejpykjrnnutjhvu