Transforming the Concept of Memory Reactivation

Serra E. Favila, Hongmi Lee, Brice A. Kuhl
2020 Trends in Neurosciences  
Reactivation refers to the phenomenon wherein patterns of neural activity expressed during perceptual experience are re-expressed at a later time, a putative neural marker of memory. Reactivation of perceptual content has been observed across many cortical areas and correlates with objective and subjective expressions of memory in humans. However, because reactivation emphasizes similarities between perceptual and memory-based representations, it obscures differences in how perceptual events
more » ... memories are represented. Here, we highlight recent evidence of systematic differences in how (and where) perceptual events and memories are represented in the brain. We argue that neural representations of memories are best thought of as spatially transformed versions of perceptual representations. We consider why spatial transformations occur and identify critical questions for future research.
doi:10.1016/j.tins.2020.09.006 pmid:33041061 pmcid:PMC7688497 fatcat:ygv7nibgdbdj3aalulcnncuuy4