Development and Experimental Research of TBM Integrated Cutter System Based on Topological Structure Theory of Planar Mechanism [post]

Dongjian Yang, Zhichao Meng, Junzhou Huo, Puzhou Zhuo, Youneng Bao
2020 unpublished
Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) is widely used in tunnel construction due to its advantages of high efficiency and environmental friendliness. The cutters distributed on TBM cutterhead are the main tools of TBM for rock breaking. They are easy to wear and need to be replaced frequently. At present, the replacement of TBM cutters entirely depends on manual work. Manual cutters change not only has a terrible operating environment, but also takes a long time, which leads to a large risk of tunnel
more » ... risk of tunnel construction and a long construction period. However, the traditional cutter system (TCS) is not suitable to use robots for disassembly and assembly because it is composed of many parts. Therefore, developing an integrated cutter system (ICS) suitable for robot operation is of great significance to reduce the cycle and cost of tunnel construction, and to facilitate the risk management of tunnel engineering. In this paper, the theory of the planar mechanism topology structure is applied to the early design process of the ICS, and four types of ICS are obtained. Then this article puts forward the evaluation index of the ICS based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), which is used to evaluate the above four ICS solutions to obtains the optimal ICS. Finally, this paper proposes a dead-point anti-loosening structure for the ICS, and performs related experimental verification. The experimental results show that compared with the TCS, the novel ICS has a greatly reduced cutters change action and a significantly improved fastening performance, which can meet the robot cutters change requirements.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:7nklzd3gfraczhytkfts5nv2oq