Third and final report on the delivery of several tons of 2G isobutene, according to program, with full characterization [article]

Chaud Bernard
2023 Zenodo  
This report is the third of a series of 3 which describes the evolving status of the fermentative bioIBN production towards the ton scale target alongside the project duration. Because of the public (PU) nature of this deliverable, details such as WSH composition, strain genotype and process parameters will not be disclosed in this document. Various WSH grades and IBN producing strains have been tested at the lab scale and the best combinations were transferred for scale up to P1-GBE's Pilot
more » ... nt facility at Pomacle-Bazancourt (France). This work resulted notably in the production of the first 2G isobutene kilogram from P2- CLA's Wheat Straw Hydrolysate (WSH), as described in a previous public report published at M12 (Deliverable D3.1). Additional kilograms were produced at the pilot plant afterwards. Then the process was transferred to GBE's Demo Plant facility in Leuna (Germany). This facility includes a fermentation unit comprising a 500L seed fermenter and a 5000L production fermenter, a purification unit allowing for IBN purification and condensation and a storage unit. Scale-up runs at the Demo scale in Leuna with WSH started in Q4 2018. During year 2021, GBE transferred the 5000L vessel from Leuna to Pomacle-Bazancourt so as to pool together Pilpot and Demo operations. Demo activities during RP3 were executed partly in Leuna, partly in Pomacle. During the project duration, 202 IBN-production fermentation runs were executed by P1-GBE, either at pilot scale or at demo scale, either with WSH substrate or with benchmark substrate, either for the project activities or for out-of-project activities. Bio-IBN was delivered by P1-GBE to P3-INE for experimentation. During the project duration, BioIBN was also delivered by P1-GBE to other places for out-of-project activities. This report displays the bio-IBN quantities that were produced and the outcome of these quantities as well as it states the achievement of Milestone 12.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7705193 fatcat:3q4xe6twprb6tn3e2whooqb4um