Organogenesis and tissue regeneration of fallopian tube: a desired metaplastic transformation of mesodermal stem cells in live animal models (dogs)

B G Matapurkar, A Bhargave, L Dawson, H M Rehan, B Sonal, V K Ramteke
2000 Indian journal of experimental biology  
The capacity of stem cells of peritonium of mesodermal origin to undergo metaplastic transformation and form different tissues developed from mesoderm germ layer is exploited with ulterior motive to use it in the management of human diseases. The excised fallopian tube was replaced with a tube on a stent constructed from autogenous peritoneum from a suitable donor site. The effect of the surroundings environment of the new tissue system to which the peritoneum stem cells are now exposed was
more » ... now exposed was studied for 3, 6 and 12 months period in live animal models. The gross and histological studies revealed development of all the component of the wall of the fallopian tube. The lumen of the constructed peritoneal tube was well preserved in its whole length including the anastomotic sites. The scientific rationale of the working hypothesis on which the work is based, is discussed.
pmid:11218828 fatcat:zo6dll4rirej3pcu2easwvage4