Renormalization persistency of the tensor force in nuclei

Naofumi Tsunoda, Takaharu Otsuka, Koshiroh Tsukiyama, Morten Hjorth-Jensen
2011 Physical Review C  
In this work we analyze the tensor-force component of effective interactions appropriate for nuclear shell-model studies, with particular emphasis on the monopole term of the interactions. Standard nucleon-nucleon ($NN$) interactions such as AV8' and $\chi$N$^3$LO are tailored to shell-model studies by employing $V_{low k}$ techniques to handle the short-range repulsion of the $NN$ interactions and by applying many-body perturbation theory to incorporate in-medium effects. We show, via
more » ... show, via numerical studies of effective interactions for the $sd$ and $pf$ shells, that the tensor-force contribution to the monopole term of the effective interaction is barely changed by these renormalization procedures, resulting in almost the same monopole term as the one of the bare $NN$ interactions. We propose to call this feature {\it Renormalization Persistency} of the tensor force, as it is a remarkable property of the renormalization and should have many interesting consequences in nuclear systems. For higher multipole terms, this feature is maintained to a somewhat smaller extent. We present general intuitive explanations for the renormalization persistency of the tensor force, as well as analyses of core-polarization terms in perturbation theory. The central force does not exhibit a similar renormalization persistency.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.84.044322 fatcat:j7zpp6fnyvflpe2qp4ptgzwo6m