When Mortal Become Saints: Awliya' Allah According To Syeikh Abd. Al-Qadir Al-Mandili

Hazman Hassan
2016 unpublished
As the plural of wali (saint), awliya' comes from the root word al-Walayah (sainthood) which refers to a very exceptional rank given by Allah to His beloved servants. However, various misconceptions regarding awliya' have occurred rampantly among Muslim societies, even ended as polytheism. This phenomenon attracted Syeikh Abd. Al-Qadir, a very committed scholar of Mandailing descent to purify this creed. Al-Mandili was born in 1910 and honoured with a teaching position in the al-Haram Grand
more » ... al-Haram Grand Mosque of Mecca. He had written 24 books in variousdisciplineof Islamic studies such as Islamic creed, jurisprudence, hadeeth, politics, education, law and morals. Through three of his works, Perisai Bagi Sekalian Mukallaf Atau Simpulan Iman Atas Mazhab Salaf (A Shield For Those Who Are Commissioned Or Faith Knot According To The Salaf), Penawar Bagi Hati (A Cure For The Heart) and Anak Kunci Syurga (The Key To Heaven), this article analyzes the concept of awliya' according to Al-Mandili's perspective. He concluded that al-Walayah (sainthood) of Allah can only be achieved by mortals through a healthy mixture of iman (faith), taqwa (piety), mahabbah (love) and ittiba' (following the tradition of the Prophet).
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2016.08.55 fatcat:vm3e5tgwt5fqpk76owkeojlnsu