Mohammed Mohiuddin
2016 International Research Journal of Human Resources and Social Sciences Impact Factor-3   unpublished
The transformation of industrial society, globalization of business, and the modernization of methods and techniques which have emerged in a big way brought with it the need for managing a new array of people necessitating the human resource management approach. HRM has attained wider dimensions and immense importance in recent years. It represents a deviation from the existing philosophy attitudes, approaches and methods. HRM is concerned with human beings who are energetic elements of
more » ... nt. The success of any organisation or an enterprise will depend upon the ability, strength and motivation of persons working in it. Management of HR is very important in a modern organisation because management can achieve the Organisational objectives only with the cooperation of the people working in the organisation. The business environment has become very fluid and turbulent in the recent times. This is especially true in the Indian Context, after the economy has opened up to the global challenge. The markets have become more competitive and organizations have been forced to become more development oriented. In this scenario, it is a very challenging task to attract, mould, develop and retain or retrench valuable human resource. In any organization HRM practices stress on optimal utilization and 163 | P a g e management of their workforce or human resource effectively in order to achieve maximum output. This paper discusses the HRM practices in Indian organizations with a purpose to develop an understanding of HRM practices and to examine the unique HRM practices implemented by different companies. This paper will analyze the HRM practices followed by the different organizations.