SynergicLearning: Neural Network-Based Feature Extraction for Highly-Accurate Hyperdimensional Learning [article]

Mahdi Nazemi, Amirhossein Esmaili, Arash Fayyazi, Massoud Pedram
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Machine learning models differ in terms of accuracy, computational/memory complexity, training time, and adaptability among other characteristics. For example, neural networks (NNs) are well-known for their high accuracy due to the quality of their automatic feature extraction while brain-inspired hyperdimensional (HD) learning models are famous for their quick training, computational efficiency, and adaptability. This work presents a hybrid, synergic machine learning model that excels at all
more » ... e said characteristics and is suitable for incremental, on-line learning on a chip. The proposed model comprises an NN and a classifier. The NN acts as a feature extractor and is specifically trained to work well with the classifier that employs the HD computing framework. This work also presents a parameterized hardware implementation of the said feature extraction and classification components while introducing a compiler that maps any arbitrary NN and/or classifier to the aforementioned hardware. The proposed hybrid machine learning model has the same level of accuracy (i.e. ±1 improvement in accuracy compared to HD learning models. Additionally, the end-to-end hardware realization of the hybrid model improves power efficiency by 1.60x compared to state-of-the-art, high-performance HD learning implementations while improving latency by 2.13x. These results have profound implications for the application of such synergic models in challenging cognitive tasks.
arXiv:2007.15222v2 fatcat:rq3u2qx5rvaoraswciwkwkx6eq