A Sociological Study on the Effect of Social-Economic Status of Violence Against Women During Marital life (Case Study Employees and Staff of Azad University of Tehran)

Afsaneh Tavassoli
2020 figshare.com  
The study aims on "violence against women" during marital life from a sociological point of view. Assumptions are based on the perspective of three theoretical views including Sources Theory, Learning Theory and Conflict theory. The study population includes academic and non-academic staff of Azad University of Tehran in 1387-1388.The sample size consists of 533 married women, who were selected through the year multistage cluster sampling? The results show that variables such as woman decision
more » ... as woman decision making in important situations of life, women experience of observation violence in family of origine, men experience of violence in family of origine, women family support, women social-economic status, and social-economic status differences between men and women have significant relationship with violence. However, there was no significant relationship between men family support and social-economic status and violence. Final results show that in these three groups the most violence rate against women is among non-academic and the least is among staff. Also higher social-economic status of women compared with their husbands is related to higher rates violence against wives.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.12751118.v1 fatcat:kds3fcqwhncyvb3sb7gxrgfk5a