Destripe Hyperspectral Images with Spectral-spatial Adaptive Unidirectional Variation and Sparse Representation

Dabiao Zhou, Dejiang Wang, Lijun Huo, Ping Jia
2016 Journal of the Optical Society of Korea  
Hyperspectral images are often contaminated with stripe noise, which severely degrades the imaging quality and the precision of the subsequent processing. In this paper, a variational model is proposed by employing spectral-spatial adaptive unidirectional variation and a sparse representation. Unlike traditional methods, we exploit the spectral correction and remove stripes in different bands and different regions adaptively, instead of selecting parameters band by band. The regularization
more » ... regularization strength adapts to the spectrally varying stripe intensities and the spatially varying texture information. Spectral correlation is exploited via dictionary learning in the sparse representation framework to prevent spectral distortion. Moreover, the minimization problem, which contains two unsmooth and inseparable l1-norm terms, is optimized by the split Bregman approach. Experimental results, on datasets from several imaging systems, demonstrate that the proposed method can remove stripe noise effectively and adaptively, as well as preserve original detail information.
doi:10.3807/josk.2016.20.6.752 fatcat:yi5ayey6ufcyvkgbwpvqympgwa