Flavonoids in neuropathic pain management: A new player on an old target

Akbar Shehla
2019 African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology  
Neuropathic pain is the consequence of abnormal processing in the peripheral or central nervous system (CNS) elicited by neuronal injury. Due to its heterogeneous nature and important unwanted adverse effects of the commonly prescribed psychoactive drugs like benzodiazepines (BDZ), the treatment of neuropathic pain has remained a challenge for the scientific community. Flavonoids initially isolated from plants and used as tranquilizers in Folkloric medicine, have been reported to possess
more » ... d to possess selective affinity for BDZ binding site. These positive ionotropic modulators of γ-amino butyric acid-A (GABA A ) receptors enhance the chloride ion flux and provide a strong inhibitory effect. Therefore, for the treatment of central nervous system-related disorders such as neuropathic pain, these selective GABA A receptor modulators stand amongst the strongest candidates. This review provides an update on research development that has confirmed the activity of different flavonoids on GABA A receptors.
doi:10.5897/ajpp2019.5023 fatcat:7xwy4gfhgbcepmtdlkmeiimqfm