Rashmi Saini, Sharad Maroti Porte, Vinod Kumar Gothecha, Anita Sharma
2016 International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy  
Cancer is the abnormal growth of cells or tissues and endometrial cancer. It is special abnormal uncontrolled growth of endometrial tissue. It is the 6 th most common cancer in women worldwide and 2 nd most cancer in the Indian women. Cancer is not new for Ayurveda which is described under the heading of the arbud (tumour). Though the endometrial cancer is not directly described in any textbook of Ayurveda but it is one part of asargdar having uterine bleeding other than menstrual bleeding
more » ... other causes. The main clinical feature of both endometrial cancer and asargdar is uterine bleeding along with its other complications. Uterine bleeding other than menstrual bleeding may be non-washable stain on clothes which may be help to differentiate normal menstrual and other than menstrual bleeding. Trividh pariksha also helps to diagnose the disease including endometrial cancer by means of darshan (Inspection), sparshan (palpitation) and prashan (Questioning). Chedan karma is recommended for the excision of arbud (tumour) which applicable in the solid tumour of endometrial carcinoma after excision polyherbal or herbal minerals Ayurvedic yogas Rodra ras, Vradhdaru churn, Vradhdaru yoga, Nityanand ras, Kachnar gugulu, Hargori ras will play major role in inhibiting the growth of cancer. Rakta praderhar yog, Ashokaristha, Pradarantak ras, Pradrari ras may helpful to stop the bleeding and will helpful to cure pandu with bleeding. Ratnaprabha vatika is a balya, vrishya, rasayan in nature along with anticancer property due to hirak bhasam. Thus Ayurveda may play a major role to cure endometrial cancer in future. Symptomatic Ayurvedic management of endometrium cancer (For Bleeding) Rkata Pradehar Yog -Having kashthodember (Ficus hispida) 25ml, mixed with 10grm honey then this is given in qvath form 29 .
doi:10.7897/2277-4343.0714 fatcat:3bx3ibdopfhgnjj4al5s37opaq