PO-365 Dissecting the synergistic effect of chemotherapy and immunotherapy on anti-tumoral T cell functions in breast cancer

L Spagnuolo, K Kersten, OS Blomberg, CS Hau, K Kos, K Vrijland, KE De Visser
2018 Poster Presentation: Tumour Immunology   unpublished
immune signatures of immunotherapy-specific of cell subsets utilising mass cytometry with 38 markers. Results and discussions PD-L1 blockade induced the expansion of highly specific tumor-infiltrating CD4 and CD8 T cells, displaying both activating (ICOS) and inhibitory (PD-1, LAG-3) molecules. Expansion of these therapy-induced T cell subsets was observed three days after treatment and significantly expanded in time leading to tumour delay. By targeting the activating and inhibiting molecules
more » ... n the T cells by agonistic and blocking antibodies, respectively, we were able to further restore the T cell dysfunction and thereby improving the therapeutic benefit of single immunotherapy. Conclusion Thus, high-dimensional profiling is a powerful means for rational designing combinatorial T-cell based immunotherapies.
doi:10.1136/esmoopen-2018-eacr25.876 fatcat:7wyirt7xlffynejqbywewdy6ru