Teratogenic Potential of Solenstemma Argel Extract in Wistar Albino Rats [post]

Nazik M.E. Mustafa, Shahenaz Satti, Nafisa A. Osman, Ahmed A.Gameel, Tarig M. El-hadiyah
2021 unpublished
The majority of people in Africa receive their basic health care through herbal treatments. Herbal medicine may negatively impact fetal development irreparably. This study examined the teratogenic potential of Solenstemma argel extract in pregnant rats. Pregnant rats were treated with Solenstemma argel from 7th to 16th day of gestation. The dosage used was 250 mg/kg, intraperitoneal.Solenstemma argel extract treated group showed fetal abnormalities appeared as body hemorrhage, limbs
more » ... s and resorption of fetuses. These appears in 25% of the fetuses (P-value = 0.01) which is significantly differed from control group. Furthermore, histopathological findings of liver sections from fetuses of Solenstemma argel - treated mothers showed loose liver texture and hepatocytes hemorrhage.In this study, we conclude that the use Solenstemma argel extract during the organogenesis period in pregnant rats has the potential to cause teratogenic effects, as well as abnormalities in liver histopathology.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-847368/v2 fatcat:phlgvccgrba4xf5izccw3xwt4m