Merging Geo-Solar Exergy Storage Technology (GEST) and Environmental Quality Management (EQM): A Practical Solution for NZEB Retrofit

Lowell Lingo, Kristin Lingo, Mark Bomberg, J. Kurnitski, T. Kalamees
2020 E3S Web of Conferences  
A decade ago, Geo-solar Exergy Storage Technology (GEST) was introduced as a means of utilizing natural, diurnal and seasonal transfers of exergy between a building and its surroundings to significantly decrease heating and cooling requirements. This is accomplished by retrofitting the structure with a dynamic skin to the existing building enclosure that is provided with internal conduits to carry air and fluids, for coupling geothermal storage surrounding the building with the exterior
more » ... ent. This system was developed by engineers as an affordable, low-tech solution for providing seasonal heat storage in cold climate regions. Meanwhile another holistic but high-tech means to the same goal was initiated by an international group of building scientists by defining concepts for environmental quality management (EQM). Using heat pumps, 'smart controls', and newly developed wall coating materials, a fully integrated HVAC (plus moisture control and indoor air quality (IAQ)) system was proposed. The experience gained with GEST methods is now combined with the leading edge of Building Science to permit our international team to re-evaluate the concept of Geo-solar Exergy Storage and Dynamic Building Enclosure incorporated in a system with a heat pump as a new basis for retrofitting buildings in any climate.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202017216009 fatcat:kfl3qou4q5gfvksl6tpjvlxeuu