Synthesis Growth, structural, optical, SHG and characterization a new organic potential novel material Z-scan studies third order nonlinear optical material on single crystal of N-(tert-butyl)-2

K.Elumalai Kuppan, Department of physics, presidency college (Autonomous),Chennai, India, Department of physics, presidency college (Autonomous),Chennai, India, K.Sakthiumurugesan .
2018 International Journal of Scientific Research in Physics and Applied Sciences  
In this work, an organic crystal, Synthesis of N-( tert-butyl)-2(2-nitrophenyl[1,2-a]Pyridin-3-amine, pdno2 single crystal were grown by slow evaporation solution growth method and the properties of the grown crystals were investigated . The formation of salt has been confirmed by single crystal X-ray diffraction and NMR Spectroscopic technique. The crystal structure was determined by single crystal x-ray diffraction analysis and it belongs to monoclinic system with the space group c1 Fourier
more » ... group c1 Fourier transform infrared spectral study has been carried out to confirm the presence of various functional groups, UV-Vis-NIR study showed that the pdno2 crystal has a wide transmission window with low near-UV cut off wavelength at 231nm.The UV-Vis-NIR transmission spectrum recorded to find the optical transmittance window and lower cut off wavelength of the salt crystal. Raman spectra correlate very well with the structural data and illustrated the sub title choice of the ligands used can affect the vibrational characteristics of the Mo-o bonds vibration modes were assigned using FT-IR and FT-Raman spectra. Mass spectroscopy transmittance studies revealed that the pdn02 crystal has a wide transmission range from 250to900 nm with the lower cut 0f wavelength of 150nm. Thermal properties were investigated using TGA/DSC analyses .The thermal stability of the compound was investigated by carrying out TGA/DSC analyses simultaneously .The second harmonic generation in the crystal was confirmed by the modified Kurtz-perry powder test employing the Nd: YAG laser as the source for infrared radiation. Third order nonlinear optical properties nonlinear absorption coefficient, nonlinear refractive index and third order nonlinear susceptibility was calculated by Z-scan method using 632.8nm He-Ne laser.
doi:10.26438/ijsrpas/v6i2.4351 fatcat:uxqyqdvj5vbkxfjsnctt7wsnna