Research on the Changes and Development of Chinese Education in Indonesia

Yudi Sutanto
2022 Proceedings of the First International Conference on Literature Innovation in Chinese Language, LIONG 2021, 19-20 October 2021, Purwokerto, Indonesia   unpublished
200 years before this century in Indonesia what is called Chinese education is basically mother tongue education for ethnic Chinese. Chinese education has had its ups and downs, from traditional home teaching education, literacy classes, informal schools to modern formal schools. This change began during the Dutch colonial period, the Japanese invasion until the Republic of Indonesia became independent, Chinese schools had stopped and were even closed by the authorities.Prior to independence,
more » ... sociations of Chinese Indonesians and Chinese schools had made certain contributions to influence and enlighten the revival of Indonesian national education. Chinese education was banned during the New Order era, after Indonesia implemented democratic reforms, Chinese was allowed to be taught again. China's economic strength, which continues to increase after the country's reform and opening up, has pushed Mandarin into a popular and important language in the world. In order for children of Chinese descent to receive formal and continuous Chinese language education, the Chinese community in general believes it is necessary to establish formal, systematic, programmed schools that include Indonesian, English, and Mandarin. The trilingual school is a model for the transformation of contemporary Chinese Indonesian education, integrated into the national education system and open to all. The emergence of trilingual schools shows that Chinese Indonesian education has actually undergone qualitative changes. For ethnic Chinese, education that inherits ancestral language and culture is also called Chinese education, for non-Chinese students it is second language education or foreign language education. Trilingual schools have become the mainstream and the main model of Chinese education in Indonesia today. Looking to the post-pandemic future, Chinese language education will inevitably become more diverse, professional, standardized and informationbased, and its teaching methods will definitely follow the trend of internationalization and promote the development of subject theory.
doi:10.4108/eai.19-10-2021.2316977 fatcat:bjm5za3jbbavnbhxnfl3whpieu