DC-AC Isolated Power Converter Array. Focus on Differential Mode Conducted EMI

Jean-Christophe CREBIER, Thanh-Hai PHUNG, Van-Sang NGUYEN, Theo LAMORELLE, Andre ANDRETA, Lyubomir KẺACHEV, Yves LEMBEYE
2019 Electronics  
This paper introduces the implementation of a DC–AC step up isolated converter from associations of bidirectional Conversion Standard Cells (CSCs). The designed multi-cell converter is an array of standardized converter cells. It is described and then compared to a reference converter with respect to differential mode conducted electro-magnetic interference (EMI). The paper outlines the motivation for developing a generic multi-cell approach before underlining the benefits from the point of
more » ... om the point of view of conducted EMI when implementing power converter arrays (PCAs). In particular, it is shown that in PCAs, the differential mode (DM) EMI filter can advantageously utilize distributed CSCs, making it possible to use very low value AC inductors to filter the AC current ripple. Experimental results are provided to validate the analysis carried out in the paper.
doi:10.3390/electronics8090999 fatcat:gb4tj37cdrgjpm4gpafwszvzpq