Magnetically controlled deposition of metals using gas plasma. Quarterly progress report, April--June 1997 [report]

1997 unpublished
Portions of this document be iliegibie in e l m n i c image prodact& h a g s are prohced fmm the best avagable original dOl_.rrmcnt This document reports the status of grant DE-FE07-93ID3220 for the April -June 1997 quarter. The objective of the grant is to develop a method of spraying materials on a substrate in a controlled manner to eliminate the waste inherent in present plating processes. The process under consideration is magnetically controlled plasma spraying. As noted in the last
more » ... d in the last several quarterly reports, the project is no longer on schedule. Dificulties with modeling compressible flow caused a slip in the schedule. The milestone "Code Development," dated January 1996 was completed in the last period. The final milestone to validate and verify the computer code is now complete, six months late. What remains is to run two calculations that generate velocity, temperature, and density fields with and without constraining magnetic fields. The fields will be used by a separate program to determine the effect
doi:10.2172/503494 fatcat:ql5kh753pjeaha73iq2of6hvqq