Educating Children in Science – Ideas from John Amos Comenius
Edukacja dzieci w zakresie nauk ścisłych – idee Jana Amosa Komeńskiego

Elżbieta Jaszczyszyn
2021 Prima Educatione  
The article attempts to synthetically present the thought of John amos comenius, as a precursor of preschool pedagogy. an attempt has been made to determine what makes his thought still current in theory and pedagogical practice in kindergarten. These findings make it possible to compare what we know and what we are guided by at present. The analysis of comenius' whole life is a combination of the value of the work itself, the format of research, organizational and journalistic activities, and the features of the times in which we live today.
doi:10.17951/pe.2021.5.205-213 fatcat:j2su3bg65jcshk7nekjactsjtu