A theory of phenomenal consciousness from holistic perspective [post]

Ji-cheng CHEN
2022 unpublished
Neurobiologists have made remarkable progress in their research of consciousness, This makes the study of consciousness more and more scientific. The central puzzles of consciousness, however, remains poorly explained. What is the function of conscious experience? How did living organisms produce perception? Current research has also failed to provide a satisfactory answer to the paradox of free will based on reductionism. More and more scientists are beginning to pay attention to this mystery,
more » ... but mature theoretical systems that can be tested experimentally are still being developed, and we may need some new perspectives to enlighten us. Holistic philosophy has a different cognitive paradigm for the origin and evolution of the universe. Based on our understanding of holistic philosophy, in this paper, we try to explain the nature of consciousness from a holistic perspective and propose a hypothesis that can be tested experimentally.
doi:10.31219/osf.io/c3neq fatcat:zhznkybr4jhq3cv3kaat3pxpoe