Embedded system design and code generation by using the DSL and T4

Phạm Văn Hưởng, Nguyễn Ngọc Bình
2013 Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics  
Tóm tắt. rong xu h÷îng ph¡t triºn m¤nh m³ õ aeng ngh» nhóngD ¡ ph÷ìng ph¡p thi¸t k¸h» thèng nhóng ông 1÷ñ nghi ¶n ùu v triºn khi rëng r¢iF f i ¡o n y tr¼nh y ¡h ti¸p ªn mîi 1º thi¸t k¸v sinh m¢ ho h» thèng nhóng dü tr ¶n ngaen ngú mi·n x¡ 1ành v aeng ngh» sinh m¢ RF ghóng taei 1ành ngh¾ ngaen ngú mi·n x¡ 1ànhD x¥y düng si ¶u mae h¼nh t÷ìng ùng v ph¡t triºn aeng ö 1º thi¸t k¸mae h¼nh ki¸n tróD mae h¼nh th nh ph¦n õ h» thèng nhóng v mae h¼nh ho¤t 1ëng õ ¡ th nh ph¦n ph¦n m·m trong h» thèng nhóngF
more » ... ø mae h¼nh thi¸t k¸D dü tr ¶n aeng ngh» sinh m¢ R 1º sinh m¢ theo ¡ ngaen ngú kh¡ nhuF Abstract. sn the development trend of emedded tehnologyD the methods of emedded system design re studied nd widely utilizedF his pper presents new pproh to design emedded system nd generte ode from models sed on homin peifi vnguge nd ext emplte rnsformtion oolkitF e define three homin peifi vngugesD uild the orresponding metE models nd develop our frmeworkF he frmework is to design the models of emedded system suh s the rhiteturl model nd the omponent modelF st is lso to design the flow hrt of emedded softwreF fsed on the designed modelsD we pply the ext emplte rnsformtion oolkit to generte ode from models utomtillyF Keywords. hesign imedded ystemD imedded oftwreD hv @homin peifi vngugeAD gode qenertionD R @ext emplte rnsformtion oolkitAD og @ystem on ghipA 1. * This research is partly supported by a VNU scientific project (group A) for
doi:10.15625/1813-9663/28/4/973 fatcat:7rc5w6cku5ck5kegd45pxkxixu