Graph Heterogeneous Multi-Relational Recommendation

Chong Chen, Weizhi Ma, Min Zhang, Zhaowei Wang, Xiuqiang He, Chenyang Wang, Yiqun Liu, Shaoping Ma
2021 AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence  
Traditional studies on recommender systems usually leverage only one type of user behaviors (the optimization target, such as purchase), despite the fact that users also generate a large number of various types of interaction data (e.g., view, click, add-to-cart, etc). Generally, these heterogeneous multirelational data provide well-structured information and can be used for high-quality recommendation. Early efforts towards leveraging these heterogeneous data fail to capture the high-hop
more » ... ure of user-item interactions, which are unable to make full use of them and may only achieve constrained recommendation performance. In this work, we propose a new multi-relational recommendation model named Graph Heterogeneous Collaborative Filtering (GHCF). To explore the high-hop heterogeneous user-item interactions, we take the advantages of Graph Convolutional Network (GCN) and further improve it to jointly embed both representations of nodes (users and items) and relations for multi-relational prediction. Moreover, to fully utilize the whole heterogeneous data, we perform the advanced efficient non-sampling optimization under a multi-task learning framework. Experimental results on two public benchmarks show that GHCF significantly outperforms the state-of-the-art recommendation methods, especially for cold-start users who have few primary item interactions. Further analysis verifies the importance of the proposed embedding propagation for modelling high-hop heterogeneous user-item interactions, showing the rationality and effectiveness of GHCF. Our implementation has been released (
dblp:conf/aaai/ChenMZWHW0M21 fatcat:qub5ddkglzh4lomoxhl5icj2pa