Renal Contributions in the Pathophysiology and Neuropathological Substrates Shared by Chronic Kidney Disease and Alzheimer's Disease

Gabriela Dumitrita Stanciu, Daniela Carmen Ababei, Veronica Bild, Walther Bild, Luminita Paduraru, Mihai Marius Gutu, Bogdan-Ionel Tamba
2020 Brain Sciences  
Chronic kidney disease and Alzheimer's disease are chronic conditions highly prevalent in elderly communities and societies, and a diagnosis of them is devastating and life changing. Demanding therapies and changes, such as non-compliance, cognitive impairment, and non-cognitive anomalies, may lead to supplementary symptoms and subsequent worsening of well-being and quality of life, impacting the socio-economic status of both patient and family. In recent decades, additional hypotheses have
more » ... mpted to clarify the connection between these two diseases, multifactorial in their nature, but even so, the mechanisms behind this link are still elusive. In this paper, we sought to highlight the current understanding of the mechanisms for cognitive decline in patients with these concurrent pathologies and provide insight into the relationship between markers related to these disease entities and whether the potential biomarkers for renal function may be used for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. Exploring detailed knowledge of etiologies, heterogeneity of risk factors, and neuropathological processes associated with these conditions opens opportunities for the development of new therapies and biomarkers to delay or slow their progression and validation of whether the setting of chronic kidney disease could be a potential determinant for cognitive damage in Alzheimer's disease.
doi:10.3390/brainsci10080563 pmid:32824404 fatcat:mzlb3gbvunc6vodi3bdyziv6gq