Feeder Automation and its Reliability Assessment on the Basis of Cost Analysis for the Distribution of Feeders in Power System Planning

Jonh Smith, John Sebastian
2017 Bonfring International Journal of Power Systems and Integrated Circuits  
At present, automating a distributing system is an efficient means of providing a trustworthy system. There is a rising attention in the quantitative assessment of power system reliability worth and its application to cost-benefit evaluation in power system planning. Therefore, this paper takes care of automating a system using two stage restorations (partial automation). It formulates a feeder automation system using the idea of optimal placement of switches that can be applied to electrical
more » ... stribution systems for high economictechnical efficiency. Reliability is effectively analyzed and evaluated when feeder automation is applied to distribution and its worth is subsequently assessed. Moreover, it looks into a case study involving reliability and economic evaluation of Urban, Rural and Industrial Feeders and illustrates a most feasible conclusion.
doi:10.9756/bijpsic.8336 fatcat:4736guhir5dixngnvmdgjsr7te