Evaluation of Weather Data asInputsto a Disease-Warning System for Control of Sooty Blotch and Flyspeck [report]

Nenad Tatalovic, Mark L. Gleason, Jean C. Batzer
2008 unpublished
The sooty blotch-flyspeck (SBFS) disease complex is the major target of fungicide sprays from shortly after petal fall until harvest. The fungi in this complex blemish the fruit cuticle. The result can be loss of up to 94% of the crop's market value,since blemished fruit are downgraded from fresh-market to cider grade and water loss is accelerated during storage of SBFS-infested apples.
doi:10.31274/farmprogressreports-180814-2542 fatcat:fuosbhbkefhifcu7432fpyfmya