Evaluation of the Activity of Streptomycin onMycobacterium lepraein Mice

1978 Leprosy Review  
The effect of streptomycin on Mycobacterium leprae was studied in the conventional mouse model. The drug has a relatively high bactericidal activity that places it between dapsone and ethionamide or prothionamide. Its effect is more pronounced when administered immediately after the experimental infection than when treatment is started at a later time. This is probably the result of the higher activity of streptomycin on leprosy bacilli located outside cells. It is concluded that streptomycin
more » ... that streptomycin could be a valuable companion drug during the initial treatment of dapsone resistant leprosy in countries with limited resources. Streptomycin as monotherapy is not suited for the short course treatment of paucibacillary leprosy.
doi:10.5935/0305-7518.19780038 fatcat:qrjrrabjajbrjcwcaokbkpmkhy