Eastern Shore Whig and People's Advocate 09-1837

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Strait ions through-111117 desire to irylaud Stste tries of other iporlion, are d their order* ise, enclosingfit; be thank return mail, u if on pergiven when THE WHIG AND PEOPLE'S ADVOCATE / I'nnttd and publuhid every TUESDAY iMORNING, BY GEO. W.SHERWOOD, (rUILKUEB Or THE LAWS OP THE UNION.) TERMS : Two Dollar* and Fifty Cent*, per annum, payable 1mlf yearly in advance No subscription.irilflic received for lens t liau sixraoillha, nor discontinued until all arrearages are *et-'led, witliouttho
more » ... pprobation of the publisher Adve-rtijemenls not exceeding a square, inicrtril three times for one dollar, and twenty-five cents fur every subsequent insertion larger advcrtiicwenu in proportion. (K3-A11 communication* to insure attention should he post paiu I A dagger wound in the the heart, lor the lew moments which are coiuumed in iheebb-willi chastened and relinod wit, and alle wiilt whatever may bo most attractive ing ol lilej*mu«t occ.is.o i unutterable teuling* j commanding in (ha peculiar grace* mid IMJIUol agony, iiidepuiulenl of the mere sensations ; ties ul Hie female character thutcfcrelhe noof pain in (he parts sundered liy ilia entrance blest virtue* ol worn in , lliese art what tenet! thu blade,. Tlio rushing nut <>( Hie blood at dor her what she was made lo be, if we may each convulsive pulsation ul' the henrl, credit the lible, (he hol|i that is 'meet' or 11111must seem like the actual spectacle ol lha flow .able lor m-m suc!i a help u* he -' --" of life. Those who are crushed to death may not expire inslanlly, unless the cranium hsip|>ens lo Lo involved in thu casualty. Where Il.e skull in nut fractured there U probably an inconi.eiveahta agony lor a law seconds, a ttusliin From the Gentleman's Magazine. AM I A COLD COQUETTE? By Catherine U. Waterman They, tall me I am volatile, An adept in my art, Because I've ni.iny spots to fill Within my loving heart. They tell me I an. fond ol change, And, like lh' inconstant bee, From street to sweet, 1 love lo range, All letterless and (rue. But would they look into my breast, Where young fund thoughts have met, See how llirir deep impression* rest, They'd say I'm no Coquette. My heart from childhood's early day* Hath In it* uncheck'd flow, Seutltr'u* the Hunlighl ol its ray*, In a perpetual glow. .With gushing tenderness it clung To all aroiuul, above; To every flud and flower that sprung, For it wa* made to love. And if with an unsparing hand, Ifgalhers How rets yul, And loves alike ihe mingled band, Aliri a Cold Coquette? There nro deep tones within my hearl, They've slept ihe sleep ol yeur$; \Viiy should I wake them, but to stall -The unavailing tears. They are, as harps, too finely strung For stranger bund* to sound; And cureless lingers o'er them Hung Would probe an uuhealM wound. ing all thought of Tiome, frienda, and family, und is over. Tluiiie who are cul in iwo by a heavily I urihened mil road car must experience some similar sensMinn*. If the neck is broken low down, the person docs nol necessarily die on the instant. His situation is the most distressing perhaps of any winch can be imagined, lie m.iy live and have a being for days, but he cannot _. need*. And who will say that they are not as important, an honorable, as elevated, ami that I bey do not lectual and morjl cultivation guishing dunes ol men? How sadly thru do they ti.islake, who suppose that the sacred writers depress the female sex, when lh«y so much restrict their influence lu pei soaal, essential, intrinsic elevation and iHHliKJ-iS. Tim in fact IS only true ex-
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