Simultaneous Tunable Enhancement of SHG and THG in Graphene Optical Gratings

Jian Wei You, Nicolae C. Panoiu
2017 Nonlinear Optics   unpublished
Employing gate voltage tunable and geometry dependent plasmon resonances of graphene ribbons, we engineer dual graphene optical gratings that can be used to simultaneously achieve orders-of-magnitude enhancement of both the SHG and THG intensities. OCIS codes: 190.0190, 160.3918, 240.6680 a) b) Fig. 2. Comparison between the generated nonlinear optical signal in single and optimized dual graphene gratings: (a) enhancement of second-harmonic generation and (b) enhancement of third-harmonic generation.
more » ... hird-harmonic generation.
doi:10.1364/nlo.2017.nm3b.4 fatcat:mgakf5nh2rhpffhayxrqnrwga4