Ultrastructural Analysis of Sporulation in a Conditional Serine Protease Mutant of Bacillus subtilis1

Leatrice Santo, Terrance J. Leighton, Roy H. Doi
1972 Journal of Bacteriology  
The morphological characteristics of wild-type Bacillus subtilis and a temperature-sensitive serine protease derivative have been observed during vegetative and sporulation time periods. At 30 C wild-type and mutant cells grow and sporulate identically. At 47.5 C wild-type and mutant cells grow identically, but the mutant cells are blocked at stage 0 or I in the sporulation sequence. Wild-type cells sporulate normally at 47.5 C.
doi:10.1128/jb.111.1.248-253.1972 fatcat:7vm7pjufwndvxa7yvgbiud7ydu