The Dearth of Halo Dwarf Galaxies: Is There Power on Short Scales?

Marc Kamionkowski, Andrew R. Liddle
2000 Physical Review Letters  
N-body simulations of structure formation with scale-invariant primordial perturbations show significantly more virialized objects of dwarf-galaxy mass in a typical galactic halo than are observed around the Milky Way. We show that the dearth of observed dwarf galaxies could be explained by a dramatic downturn in the power spectrum at small distance scales. This suppression of small-scale power might also help mitigate the disagreement between cuspy simulated halos and smooth observed halos,
more » ... observed halos, while remaining consistent with Lyman-alpha-forest constraints on small-scale power. Such a spectrum could arise in inflationary models with broken scale invariance.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.84.4525 pmid:10990731 fatcat:v2c6has2zzcs5otvuulvf6w32y