Specific Contribution of Neurons From the Dbx1 Lineage to The Piriform Cortex [post]

Thando Shabangu, Hung-Lun Chen, Zi-hui Zhuang, Alessandra Pierani, Chien-Fu Chen, Shen-Ju Chou
2020 unpublished
The piriform cortex (PC) is a major cortical processing center for the sense of smell that receives direct inputs from the olfactory bulb. In mice, the PC consists of three neuronal layers, which are populated by cells with distinct developmental origins. One of developmental origins of PC is the Dbx1-expressing neural progenitors located in the ventral pallium at the pallial-subpallial boundary. Since the precise mechanisms of PC neuron development are largely unknown, we sought to define the
more » ... ught to define the distribution, timing of neurogenesis, morphology and projection patterns of PC neurons from the Dbx1 lineage. We found that Dbx1-lineage neurons are preferentially distributed in layer 2 and enriched in the ventral portion of the PC. Further, Dbx1 neurons are early-born neurons that contribute to most neuronal subtypes in the PC. Our data also revealed an enrichment of Dbx1-lineage neurons located in the ventral anterior PC that project to the orbitofrontal cortex. These findings suggest a specific association between developmental origin of PC neurons and their neuronal properties.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-126014/v1 fatcat:ki4r6ly4hneovmdd6pqt2mv4ya