Behavior-Driven Quality First Agile Testing for Cloud Service

Behailu Getachew Wolde, Abiot Sinamo Boltana
2021 Software Engineering (Science Publishing Group)  
In a recent testing software system, with cloud implementation a cloud service abstraction allows providing highlevel ubiquitous language (UL) compositions through behavior-driven step-wise agile cycles. By adapting this UL the instantiated behaviors simplify the demand in software quality through mechanisms to cope with complex digital transformation and evolution. However, in such a context, testing becomes challenging quality engineering. As a result, it poses a threat to the services on a
more » ... oud as the access to its source codes rely on these abstractions. The aim is to introduce a way by strictly focusing on a black box approach. One way is to realize the client-side continuous Quality First (QF)-Test behavior-driven development (BDD). On this point, a meta-model helps to transform the RESTful cloud specification through domain specific language (DSL) while accommodating a low-level details on a test coverage report. By using features from the user stories the Gherkin BDD styles enable the meta-model which creates the instances of DSL to implement the runnable test steps on a cucumber framework. Each step is designed in a GraphWalker through modeling a context finite machine via a model visual editor, and generates the dependency test model paths. As an evaluation, the QF-Test executes the required steps given by data-driven elements for creating run-log trace analysis. As a comparison, the Jenkins framework is configured to build the QF-Test node of test suites for generating the behavior-driven and continuous integration test report. Moreover, the steps with the keywords are automated to verify the GraphWalker test cases through traversing the paths generated. As a case application, a sample REST API mobility service instance is considered.
doi:10.11648/ fatcat:3ci4tnh6gnadhkfoxmya3wegwq