BassNet: A Variational Gated Autoencoder for Conditional Generation of Bass Guitar Tracks with Learned Interactive Control

Maarten Grachten, Stefan Lattner, Emmanuel Deruty
2020 Applied Sciences  
Deep learning has given AI-based methods for music creation a boost by over the past years. An important challenge in this field is to balance user control and autonomy in music generation systems. In this work, we present BassNet, a deep learning model for generating bass guitar tracks based on musical source material. An innovative aspect of our work is that the model is trained to learn a temporally stable two-dimensional latent space variable that offers interactive user control. We
more » ... lly show that the model can disentangle bass patterns that require sensitivity to harmony, instrument timbre, and rhythm. An ablation study reveals that this capability is because of the temporal stability constraint on latent space trajectories during training. We also demonstrate that models that are trained on pop/rock music learn a latent space that offers control over the diatonic characteristics of the output, among other things. Lastly, we present and discuss generated bass tracks for three different music fragments. The work that is presented here is a step toward the integration of AI-based technology in the workflow of musical content creators.
doi:10.3390/app10186627 doaj:763a95c03ae24d29b457c5c14cb7ce21 fatcat:zjbqnboi6bgadl46rmujc533em