Neoglacial history of Robson Glacier, British Columbia

B.H. Luckman, M.H. Masiokas, K. Nicolussi
2017 Canadian journal of earth sciences (Print)  
14 15 As glaciers in the Canadian Rockies recede glacier forefields continue to yield 16 subfossil wood from sites overridden by these glaciers during the Holocene. Robson 17 Glacier in British Columbia formerly extended below treeline and recession over the last 18 century has progressively revealed a number of buried forest sites which are providing 19 one of the more complete records of glacier history in the Canadian Rockies during the 20 latter half of the Holocene. The glacier was
more » ... g ca 5.5km upvalley of the Little Ice 21 Age terminus
doi:10.1139/cjes-2016-0187 fatcat:q7zfdzovsjgnvkn4qzhmbuhs4m